25 years on from the Strangeways riots, and the former Lord Chief Justice, who presided over the inquiry in the aftermath has commented that standards in prisons have returned back to the level they were at the time of the disturbances.

Lord Woolf says that although some aspects of the system improved, particularly, in the years after the riots, an increase in prisoner numbers has conditions returning to levels of the early 90’s. Overcrowding is a serious problem with as many as three inmates to a cell designed for one. Safety is being compromised and coupled with a shortage of staff, violence has returned again to our prisons on an ever increasing basis.

Lord Woolf has urged the government to hold a new review to inject life back in to the prison system as Woolf himself did in the aftermath of Strangeways. Sadly, this government has failed to heed the lessons of its predecessors, and as increasing “mini-riots” occur around the country, it is only a matter of time before history repeats itself.

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