The Government is strongly considering investing in airport-type X-ray scanners to combat the growing problem of drugs in prison.

Drug seizures in prisons rose last year to a high of 4,500. The smuggling in to prison of drugs has been a growing problem for years and despite mandatory drug testing of prisoners, and searches of visitors and staff, contraband value continues to rise. The estimated cost of installing the x-ray machines in every prison is about £15million.

Prisoners can be punished if found in possession of drugs or testing positive for drugs. They can receive additional time on their sentence. If the matter is serious enough, it can be referred to the police for investigation. Here at Burton Copeland LLP, we can represent prisoners in such disciplinary matters to guide them through the process and try and avoid the imposition of further time in prison, which is unwelcome, when release is so keenly sought. We can also represent prisoners in police interviews on such matters.

Carl Miles, our Head of Prison Law says, “Drugs will always be a problem in custody as many prisoners enter prison with an addiction in the first place. If more time was spent working on a long-term strategy for rehabilitation then the problem is dealt with at source. Unfortunately, due to significant cuts made by the current government, prisons have become nothing more than storage warehouses, with many prisoners locked in their cells for 23-hours a day several days per week. It is little wonder many turn to drugs to try and escape from such a regime.”

To discuss such issues, please write to or telephone Carl Miles on 0161 827 9500 or at Burton Copeland Solicitors, Unit A Madison Place, Northampton Rd, Manchester, M40 5AG.