Anthony Smith


Anthony joined Burton Copeland in 2004 and qualified as a solicitor in February 2014. He is duty solicitor accredited and has extensive experience of representing suspects at the police station in relation to the full range of criminal offences. He also regularly represents clients in the Magistrates Court.

Anthony is a member of the Crown Court team and is involved in preparing Serious and General Crime cases with a particular interest in representing defendants charged with drug related offences. In addition to dealing with Serious and General Crime, Anthony also has experience in dealing with cases of fraud and money laundering, as well as advising on matters under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Notable cases:

R v TOperation Anneal - represented the lead defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy in relation to an undercover drugs operation in which 5.5kg of cocaine (with a street value £1.2 million) was supplied to undercover police officers. Client receives sentence at the bottom end of the Sentencing Council guidelines. Manchester Evening News Report.

R v WOperation Belmont - represented a female defendant charged with assisting an offender who is alleged to have assisted a suspect in evading capture following an alleged serious Section 18 wounding. The defendant was acquitted after a lengthy trial.

R v F – represented a suspect at the police station arrested in relation to a gangland shooting. The client was eventually acquitted following a lengthy trial. MEN Coverage

R v R – represented a suspect arrested in relation to a complex money laundering offence involving construction companies. The total value was in excess of £22 million. The client was released with no further action taken.

R v T - Operation Isidor - represented one of 17 Defendants charged with large scale complex mortgage frauds

R v R - Operation Yonside represented "the lieutenant" in a large scale Conspiracy to Supply Class A and Class B drugs throughout North Wales, Manchester, and Merseyside. Our client was one of over 30 defendants. BBC Coverage

R v T – represented a defendant charged with robbery by use of a Smith & Wesson handgun. No evidence was offered after exploiting weaknesses in the Crown’s case.

R v M – represented a defendant charged with being a co-conspirator in a sophisticated international money laundering operation valued at over £500,000. A very reasonable basis of plea was negotiated with the Crown, with only a short term of imprisonment resulting. Proceeds of Crime was discontinued and early release from prison was also secured for Mr M on the Home Detention Curfew.

R v F – Operation Pitscale – represented a defendant in a multi handed nationwide conspiracy to supply cocaine, with our defendant seen to be one of the key figures of the North West branch.

Operation Mandera – represented several defendants as part of the ongoing Operation in relation to the drug supply in the Piccadilly area of Manchester.

R v W – represented a defendant charged with the attempted murder of his partner.

R v O – Operation Tisdale - represented a defendant in a large scale, multi handed nationwide conspiracy to produce and supply cannabis.  The projected yield of the cannabis farms recovered was expected to be £5-£6 million.

R v Y – Operation Zulu – represented a defendant in a 13-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine in the Staffordshire, Crewe and Merseyside regions.

R v C – represented a defendant charged with possession with intent to supply half a kilo of cocaine.  The defendant was acquitted after trial after we successfully argued against the admissibility of telephone evidence in the case.

Operation Rudow / Operation Lockheed – represented four defendants charged with supplying heroin and cocaine in various areas of Manchester including Ancoats, Miles Platting and Moston.

R v W – represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to rob over £25,000 from a well known currency exchange depot.  After conducting our own detailed investigations and uncovering pertinent information, we managed to successfully argue the downgrading of the charge to conspiracy to steal and a very respectable sentence followed.