Thursday, 8 October 2015

the young guvnors - the rise & fall of the notorious manchester city hooligan firm

Burton Copeland and our Gwyn Lewis, get a mention in this book, first published in 2012.

"Burton Copeland Solicitors were representing me and they sent hot shot Mr Gwyn Lewis - he's one of the best you can for as he represents all the criminal gangs as well as murderers and football players who were totally innocent. When he's about there is no doubt that justice will be served but if you're guilty, he knows how to get you a fair deal. As that was the case with Stockport, his firm and I knew that I had no chance of getting off as I was basically bang to rights as all the attention was on me and a few other City thugs that day as I was in there first kicking it off because I knew the nearer I got to the ground whilst under that banning order, I was going to get nicked.

After Mr Lewis did all his hard work and tough talking he got me a very good result and I ended up getting 28 days consecutive so in the end - a matter of days instead of months."

Burton Copeland have vast experience in dealing with matter involving Football Related Offences and Football Banning Orders. Contact Laura Ward Jones on 0161 827 9500 for further information or assistance.