• 13 Apr 2016

    dangerous drivers, a trial by jury?

    I have recently had opportunity to consider the article written by Martin Porter concerning the more serious driving offences and whether a Defendant should have the option of trial by jury. It was ultimately the opinion of the author that this option should be removed and the trial should proceed before the Magistrates. There are a number of reasons given by Mr Porter for his views which can now be considered.
  • 12 Apr 2016

    gmc publish draft guidance for cosmetic procedures

    In 2015 the General Medical Council (“the GMC”), the regulator for all medical doctors working in the UK, announced the development of new ethical guidance for those doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures. Following the PIP scandal of 2012 when 40,000 female patients were told they had non-medical grade material breast implants, Sir Bruce Keogh prepared a review of the cosmetic industry in the UK entitled Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions.
  • 06 Apr 2016

    protecting the legal rights of bsl users

    how we ensure the rights of the deaf and users of british sign language are protected when spoken to by police officers.
  • 05 Apr 2016

    mobile phones in prisons

    mobile phone in prisons are becoming more prevalent, but what are the consequences, not only for prisoners, but also for those on the other end of the call or text.
  • 05 Apr 2016

    did tulisa get off lightly?

    Tulisa Contostavlos was disqualified from driving for 15 months - what was the real injustice?
  • 04 Apr 2016

    mossack fonseca leak alleges elite's tax havens

    The BBC has reported that millions of confidential documents leaked from Panamanian Law Firm show how individuals have hidden their wealth.
  • 04 Apr 2016

    5 year minimum sentence for stun gun?

    Is a stun gun a firearm? Does it attract a mandatory minimum sentence? Find out the answer here.
  • 25 Feb 2016

    abandonment of two tier contracts

    For those amongst you who have followed the trials and tribulations of Criminal Practitioners over the last twelve months in relation to Two Tier Contracts it may come as no surprise to you all that the Government has now abandoned this particular aspect of the overhaul of the legal aid system.
  • 23 Feb 2016

    young people in the custodial estate

    The shocking scenes on the recent TV documentary from one of the country’s leading secure unit’s showed the appalling way young people in the custodial estate are sometimes treated. Whilst they are criminal they are above all else still children.
  • 19 Feb 2016

    joint enterprise law misinterpreted

    The Supreme Court ruled on 18th February 2016 that the law in relation to Joint Enterprise has been wrongly interpreted for years. What are the implications of the Ruling and how can we help?