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Erin Cowley


Erin joined the Fraud & Regulatory team at Burton Copeland in 2011 and is a solicitor who now has 20 years experience in representing Defendants facing high value, complex fraud, money laundering allegations, BIS and Trading Standards cases.

Erin is a VHCC supervisor and also conducts cases involving confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Restraint Orders and Receivership matters.

She is a member of the Law Society and the The North West Fraud Forum.

Notable cases:

R v S – Prosecution for offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 for possessing criminal property and a Data Protection Act offence of processing data without registration. The defence considered that the evidence was weak and that information was known the the investigators within City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department which might undermine the case further. Continual pressure by the defence for disclosure from the prosecution ultimately led to them withdrawing the POCA offence meaning that the client no longer faced a sentence of up to 14 years imprisonment and was ultimately fined for the DPA breach.

R v W – Allegation of numerous counts of fraud. During the course of her employment at a travel company W misappropriated cash paid by a family for a holiday. The case involved a substantial amount of cash and a serious breach of trust, the sentencing council guidelines stipulated that the starting point was an immediate custodial sentence. However, skilful negotiation with the prosecution and mitigation to the judge meant that the defendant was allowed to re-pay the stolen monies, thus the harm aspect of the case was reduced and the client avoided a custodial sentence.

R v R – represented a Defendant in one of 5 trials carried out in relation to a large carousel fraud prosecuted by the HMRC, in excess of £176 million.

R v S – confiscation proceedings following conviction for £30 million carousel fraud. The POCA was initially valued at £26 million with the Defendant being ordered to pay just £234,000.

R v S – represented the lead defendant in a large scale, complex CIS VAT fraud involving a number of construction companies across the Country valued in excess of £5 million.

R v M – represented a restrained non- defendant, third party in protracted confiscation proceedings which led to an application to the high court for a certificate of inadequacy and later an enforcement receivership order.

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