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Rashad Masood


Rashad joined Burton Copeland in September 2016 after completing the majority of his Training Contract with another high profile Criminal Solicitors firm.

Rashad qualified with Burton Copeland Solicitors in June 2017. Rashad is currently undertaking all Midlands based work and liaises with all members of staff at the office to ensure all matters are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner. Rashad regularly attends at the office in Manchester and is able to attend with clients both at the office or courts.

Rashad has been involved in a wide ranging of cases involving both civil and criminal proceedings. This involves quasi-criminal matters such as Licensing matters, Trading Standards matters as well as Health and Safety matters. He has also been involved in court proceedings as an advocate before District Judges and at the High Court – with permission of the High Court Judge. He is particularly able in the area of Confiscation and Forfeiture Proceedings.

Rashad has excellent communication skills and clients have a natural affinity towards him. He is able to prepare complex cases for Counsel at the Magistrates Court and Crown Court while remaining adept at reducing the issues to a format which is easily digestible to a client.

Rashad is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Mirpuri.

Notable Cases

  • R v B: Attended court and assisted Counsel in the trial of an individual charged with Possession of Fire arms and Handling Stolen Goods. Client was found Not Guilty by a unanimous decision after a five day trial.

  • R v J: Assisted counsel in the preparation of case involving a drunk driver in a hit and run accident. Client argued that he consumed the alcohol after he lost control of his car. A detailed investigation into the procedure of the blood sample obtained revealed a possible error in the procedure. Case was dismissed before trial based on procedural impropriety.

  • R v S: Successfully defended a client at trial for Assault and Possession of Offensive Weapon. After a plea bargain with the prosecution client pleaded guilty to carrying a snooker cue, prosecution dropped the charges for Assault.

  • R v A: Attended at the Royal Court of Justice in the Court of Appeal in relation to a final hearing for the sale of the property of an individual who owed money to the Council forming his benefit figure under the POCA. Appeal was allowed by the Circuit Judge. Council settled the case and the amount owed without enforcing the sale of the property.

  • R v M: Assisted Counsel at court in a two day trial where client was charged with Assault on ex-husband. Case was dismissed at court after it was proven that the injuries sustained by the ex-husband were self-inflicted.

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