financial conduct authority (fca) investigations

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) possesses substantial powers to investigate breaches of conduct by businesses or individuals placed in charge of providing financial services. They can impose severe penalties that can have a devastating impact on a company.

If you, or your business, is being investigated by the FCA, it is important to seek legal advice and guidance at the first possible opportunity. Contact our solicitors today by calling 0161 827 9500, or by filling in our contact form.

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The armoury of the FCA is far reaching, placing a strain on those offering financial services, including banks, building societies, estate agents, lawyers, accountants and even casinos. Burton Copeland can help you steer a course through the complex maze of FCA legislation, including providing advice on interviews, document and information requests, home and business searches, responses and hearings.

We will aim to keep you protected from the very start by reducing the threat of criminal proceedings and working towards a non-criminal outcome. We have helped those that have been accused of the following offences:

  • Insider dealing
  • Mis-selling
  • Using misleading statements or practices
  • Money laundering
  • Land banking fraud
  • Carbon credit fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Fraudulent selling of shares
  • Illegal deposit taking
  • Unauthorised collective investment schemes
  • Mortgage fraud

burton copeland: experts in criminal defence

Our FCA solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with prosecution cases, so we are well equipped to respond to allegations made by the authorities in this area. We will be on hand to assist you through every stage of the investigation with the goal of protecting your reputation and your business.

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