corporate driving offences solicitors

the consequences

A driver who works for a company and is accused of committing a driving offence can be disqualified from driving, preventing them from continuing with their work. This can also have repercussions on the organisation.

If you have been accused of a driving offence and work for a company, contact our solicitors today to find out how we can help with your defence. You can get in touch either by calling 0161 827 9500. or by filling in our contact form and letting us know the details of the offence.

the services provided by burton copeland

At Burton Copeland, our expert team of corporate driving solicitors for workers and business owners can offer advice and assistance for the full spectrum of offences, from speeding to death by dangerous driving. We can also provide guidance on issues specific to driving goods vehicles, such as the regulations concerning drivers' hours. We offer expert advice to HGV and PSV operators, transport managers and drivers alike.

Our lawyers can also provide protection for companies that employ drivers such as; taxi associations, football clubs and fleets. We assist employers to ensure their employees are acting within the confines of their operator’s licence. Advice can also be provided on:

  • Maintaining vehicles
  • Walk-around inspections for drivers
  • Overloading
  • Tachograph offences
  • New licence applications
  • Insurance
  • Enquiring to the Traffic Commissioner

free sessions on offences

Our team provides lectures to motorists and companies to make them aware of the types of safeguards they should have in place to avoid committing an offence. For more information about our informative sessions, or to book a lecture, please contact us on 0161 827 9500, or fill in our online form and we will contact you.

proving exceptional hardship

In many cases, professional drivers can successfully argue exceptional hardship with our assistance. We have successfully built and presented such arguments countless times, our expertise will give you a better chance of saving your driving licence. Examples of hardship include:

  • Being unable to perform senior manager roles, resulting in instability for employees
  • Working in a role that involves keeping the public healthy and safe, e.g. a paramedic, firefighter or police officer
  • Losing your job due to the impending driving disqualification - often the case for professional drivers