motoring offences frequently asked questions

is it possible to avoid an instant ban?

Yes. To avoid a ban please call us immediately to find out what we can do.

if I'm acquitted, can I claim back any of my legal fees?

Yes you can. When we successfully help you to avoid a conviction or due to the discontinuance of proceedings by the Prosecution, you will be entitled to an order from the Court known as a Defence Costs Order. This order entitles you to submit your legal bill of costs to The National Taxing Team. On receipt of your bill, they will conduct an assessment and can provide a partial reimbursement of your legal fees.

if I'm convicted of a motoring offence, will I have a criminal record?

If you are convicted of a motoring offence by the Court you will unfortunately have a criminal record. This applies to all sentences imposed by the court including fines for a motoring conviction.

This is why you need us to provide you with the proper legal defence to avoid a criminal record

how long does a conviction for a motoring offence stay on my record?

Criminal records relating to a motoring conviction are normally spent after 5 years which means you no longer have to declare it to your insurers or, in most cases, when applying for a job.

Details of certain offences such as drink driving remain on your driving licence and DVLA driving record for a much longer period.

will I face an automatic disqualification for drink driving?

In limited circumstances, it is possible to persuade the court not to disqualify you if 'special reasons' exist. We can review this for you and see if it is possible or, if not, then we can negotiate to have a reduction in the length of the ban.

do I have to tell the police who was driving my car?

If you have received a notice requiring you to identify the driver who is accused of an offence then, as the registered keeper of the vehicle, you are obliged to provide this information even if it incriminates you.