restoration of driving licence

the consequences

In certain circumstances, the length of a disqualification may be reduced by making a specific application to the court. This is possible where at least half of a two year disqualification has been served.

revocation of disqualification

If you have been disqualified, it is possible for us to apply to get your license back before the end of the disqualification period. This has conditions which we can explain.

Any application for restoration of a driving license must have compelling reasons and we will help you assess your chances of this happening.

banned for three years or more

If you have been banned for driving for three years or more and ordered to sit the extended test of driving before being allowed to drive again, you can still apply for the early restoration of your driving licence but you will be required to pass the test first before you get it back.

You will have to submit a written application to both the court where disqualification was imposed and the prosecution. We can help you with this and the rest of the process as you will need expert legal advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

contact our expert team

If you are in this position, let us know by calling 0161 827 9500, or by filling in our contact form and our Manchester-based lawyers can provide advice and start the process to get you back on the road. We have helped many drivers across the UK restore their driving licence.