• Nathan Evans Cheshire
    Louise Straw was my solicitor and I cannot thank her enough for the work she did for me. Far exceeded my expectations and has genuinely been the single most professional, hard working and understanding person I have come across throughout my case. A true example of how a solicitor should be and I hugely recommend Burton Copeland/Louise Straws services. Her, along with the barrister she provided and instructed on my case, have allowed me to have faith in the justice system and I hope that anybody else struggling could be afforded such a high level of work as was performed for me. If more of the people involved in courts and particularly the police acted as professionally and ethically as them, the effect it would have for the country as a whole would be dramatic. Cannot recommend enough, from start to finish. So glad that I came across them and wish Louise and everybody at Burton Copeland all the best with their work in the future. They are a shining light in the dark and confusing world that our justice system can sometimes be. Nathan Evans
  • Ms F Warrington Cheshire
    Thanks you Hannah for all your hard work. Hannah kept me informed in all aspects of my case and showed respect and honesty at all times. In court Hannah continued her advice and support which I will always be grateful. I don’t think I would have got through it without Hannah’s continued support. Again, thank you.
  • Mr D
    We cannot thank Rob enough for all the support he provided our Son in court. He also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure no further charges were brought. He responded promptly to all our inquiries which was really helpful as it was a very difficult time for us as a family. Rob definitely has a wealth of legal expertise which was obvious in our initial consultation and in the courtroom. His support is very much appreciated and we have no hesitation in recommending him and Burton Copeland.
  • Hi Nick, This is just to say a massive massive thank you to you, Julian and Hannah for all you have done for me. Brain injury is a subject even the professionals are unsure about, so for you to believe in me and work so hard on my case and do all you have done for me, even I am lost for words. You may have only been ‘doing your jobs’ but for me it’s a life changer. A million thank you’s and then some. Also a special mention to Hannah who I have only just met, but she was fab on the day. Lovely woman. Right I’ll say goodbye. (I’ll miss this!) Massive fond regards Davena
  • I was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and sent for trial to Manchester crown court. I chose Burtoncopeland solicitors to represent me on recommendation and their firm's profile. I selected Yvonne to represent me. Yvonne was my light during a dark period of my life. She gave me hope, strength and laughter making the whole court ordeal a much easier journey. Being a professional and being unfairly charged for perverting the court of justice came as a huge shock to myself and took up a year and a half of my life, emotions and thoughts. Yvonne thankfully was my star who enriched me with her bright vibes and positive spirits and helped me in the most wonderful and genuine of ways. She became not just my solicitor but a dear friend. Yvonne aided me all the way and supported me during the roller coaster process. Thankfully, all charges had been dropped. All thanks to Yvonne and her wonderful work. Thank you Yvonne for keeping my spirits high during a low period. I would recommend Yvonne to everyone for her energy, her compassion, her sincerity and profound knowledge in her field. Her attitude to her work is phenomenal. Her empathy is outstanding. I for one am eternally grateful to Yvonne for going above and beyond for me and my family and would highly recommend her.
  • Testimonial - PK Manchester
    Yvonne Garside represented a member of our family recently. She was at all times caring, warm and approachable regardless of the day or time. A consummate professional, tenacious, informed and effective, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her most highly. PK - Manchester
  • Testimonial - Miss Carr Manchester
    Big thank you to Erin Cowley for all of her hard work on my partners case which had the best turn out we could of had! Erin was always willing to work outside of her office hours for us and would never fail to make my partner feel like he was in the best hands as he really was, I just really can't thank Erin enough for everything, I will always remember what she had done for us and I will continue to praise her to my friends and family and most of all I highly recommend Erin! If ever I even needed a little reassurance I could call Erin and she would 100% make me feel better about any worries I had at the time, I have never worked with somebody so professional and so honest yet so friendly at the same time, I will never forget this case because it was a horrendous time for me and my partner but mostly i'll never forget how much worse it may have been if we had anybody else representing us. Thanks You so much from the bottom of my heart once again!!
  • Testimonial - Mr C - Oct 2017 Manchester
    I was highly impressed with the way in which my case was handled by Jonathan from my initial instruction to its conclusion, Both my partner and I were treated with the utmost courtesy and no query was too small nor too great for Jonathan and the team. He went above and beyond to help me. Jonathan explained the whole legal process in relation to my case in a clear and comprehensible manner. He also treated me with respect and total honesty ensuring that I fully understood the available options open to me and their possible outcomes. With his guidance and support, I was able to face up to and make some difficult decisions…I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan and Burton Copeland.
  • National Rifle Association member Oxfordshire
    Dear Sir, I wish to thank you greatly for the well-informed help you gave me with regard to my recent Fire Arms Revocation Order. It is easy to take for granted the many benefits of NRA membership but I had never imagined that after being a member for a decade that the provision of legal assistance would be useful. It was a surprise to me when the Thames Valley Police (TVP) ordered the revocation of my License especially as it arose from a nearly three decade old financial dispute in another country, no less. You were my first point of contact and explained both the law and made useful suggestions on how to argue the case. Through my NRA insurance I was able to make a claim to LIM and was put in contact with the knowledgeable solicitor Mr. Tim Andrew of Burton Copeland of Manchester. Presenting TVP with the facts, Mr. Andrew made a persuasive case that the reasons in law for revocation should not apply to my circumstances. The Fire Arms Officer accepted his argument and my License will now be reinstated. The ownership of Fire Arms in the United Kingdom is a privilege and not a right. But ensuring that the law operates fairly however often requires resources. Thank you.
  • Testimonial - Mr T Cheshire
    “Charlotte was simply excellent. From the first contact [she had] the air of confidence that you are in the best hands to deal with your case. She is genuine, sincere, honest, knowledgeable, and confident. Extremely approachable even during unsociable hours. Would highly recommend!!”
  • Mr & Mrs G Cheshire
    we wish to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Anthony for the excellent service he provided....Anthony was always professional, supportive and gave excellent advice...Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Anthony, who is a credit to your company ...we would not hesitate in recommending Anthony and Burton Copeland.
  • Mr L Manchester
    I must commend Miss Hassall for her care attention and professionalism in my case. Her conduct of my case was exemplary and she is a good advert for your firm.
  • Mr P Manchester
    Massively happy with the help of my barrister getting the Court / Judge to understand my case. Thank you [Rachel Murphy] in helping reduce my sentence. Many many thanks, will use you for any future incidents, although I don't intend to live the life of crime. Thank you.
  • Ms B Stockport
    Dear James, Emma, Liz and everyone at Burton Copeland. Thank you very much for all of your help and advice throughout the past few months.
  • Mr A Manchester
    I am very happy with all your staff, they are helpful and kept me up to date with my case. I really appreciate the whole team but especially Daniel [Weed], wish him good luck.
  • Mr G Manchester
    Gave exceptional service and showed you [Carl Miles] cared. The support was exceptional also.
  • Mr M Manchester
    You [Claire Tapper] don't need to improve, keep it as it is. You Don't lie to get people's hopes up and just tell them how it is.
  • Mrs H Manchester
    A big thank-you for helping and supporting my nephew through his case which was so justly and successfully completed recently. I was a Youth magistrate in Manchester 10 years ago and remember how impressed I was with the case you gave to your young clients. I was so relieved that you agreed to help. Thank-you again so much.
  • Mr S Manchester
    Everything was done really well. I would like to thank Yvonne Garside for help and support with my case. High quality of service.
  • Counsel P London
    Yvonne instructed me to represent a client facing vast and complex allegations of conspiracy to defraud. She was able through a total dedication to our client’s case to provide him with great reassurance and inspire his confidence. With her help we were able to encourage him to properly engage with the real issues in his case. It was my pleasure to lead for the defence with Yvonne in the team and fighting our corner with all her energy, drive and enthusiasm. She showed excellent client care skills and was always charming, engaging and good humoured. The fact that we won so many of the important issues in the case was in no small measure due to her industry and client care skills. When Yvonne says she will do something, she does it without question or hesitation and with a total commitment to the client and the matter in hand. It was a pleasure to work with Yvonne in this case and I look forward to the next opportunity.
  • Miss B Manchester
    The service I received from Yvonne Garside was more than I expected it to be, it was excellent. I felt protected and really well looked after. Always there when I need it. Would definitely prefer to have Yvonne Garside as my lifetime solicitor.
  • Mr R Manchester
    From the outset Yvonne delivered an outstanding service. Everything was explained to me at every step of the way and I was fully informed of all aspects of my case. I would highly recommend Yvonne Garside to anyone facing difficulties with the Criminal justice system. Yvonne is a true credit to Criminal Law, Thank you
  • Miss T Manchester
    Although I only worked with Charlotte as a client for a short time, I found her knowledge and experience very reassuring and we got the desired outcome with very little fuss.
  • Mr D West Yorkshire
    This is just a short letter of appreciation and to say thanks to Nick Terry for all of his help and assistance in relation to the allegation against me. Rarely in these times do people receive any thanks or recognition for their performance at work. Nick spent some considerable time with me whilst in custody at the police station. I found him to be both friendly and professional. Knowledgeable about legislation and police procedures. There is little doubt that the quality and content of the prepared statements prepared by Nick had a positive impact on the result of my case.
  • Mr B Manchester
    I first met Yvonne many years ago. Yvonne will not tell you what you want to hear, no pie in the sky or false hopes, just pure true honesty backed up with hard work. As a result Yvonne is not someone I just contact for legal advice, but a true friend which has come about by her dedication to her job, compassion and warmth.
  • Mr M Manchester
    Your service was excellent, the staff were brilliant, very helpful and professional. Yvonne Garside was brilliant, promote her.
  • Mrs A Cheshire
    Dear Louise Thank-you so much for all your help during my husband’s case. In the early days I would not have coped or survived if I did not have your text messages and encouragement to keep going. Your contact would be any time – day or night but meant so much in those dark days of despair. The kindness offered to the boys helped us all as a family to keep going. Communication was always quick and speedy to take some of the worry away. Knowing someone professional as you was dealing with my husband’s matters was reassuring. On Monday he was convicted but received a sentence that nobody could have dreamt was possible. Even his barrister was amazed and praised your preparation of case notes for the hearing. She had not worked with you before but really sang your praises. I must also thank you in the selection of the barrister who portrayed my husband in the best of light. Not easy in a vacuous court room with many of the judiciary around. She was lovely but professional. She maintained a highly diligent delivery of his letters of reference despite the judge getting bored!! A great team. I cannot express my thanks enough for your wonderful support and compassion and if ever I can help with another poor wife going through the same thing I would be happy to do so. With the very best of wishes and kindest of regards
  • Mr W Manchester
    "You couldn't improve....[Emma Hassall] who took my case was so sweet and kind. She was lovely, give her a raise..."
  • Mr H Greater Manchester
    The case is nearly over and the judge has starting summing up today so fingers crossed, the Jury will return with the correct decision. Whatever the outcome, I would like to thank you [Kim], Sue and everyone at Burton Copeland who has worked on the case and express my further gratitude to the fact that you instructed Rick Holland and Alex Leach to work on my behalf. Both have worked tirelessly on my case and attention to detail has been second to none. In particular, Rick Holland whom I know has been working from the early hours every morning and weekends even before the trial commenced. The sacrifices to his life in order to do this are above and beyond what could be expected from anyone. I could not imagine how hard that someone could work to ensure that justice is served correctly on a fellow citizen and I feel that every decision and tactical move that Rick has made has been the correct one. The whole situation is now nearing an end and I have actually enjoyed working with them both and have learnt a lot at the same time. I would not hesitate to recommend either of them and feel that any of your clients whom have the privilege of being represented by Rick or Alex can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands. I would just like to reiterate, whatever conclusion reached by the Jury, I know that I have had the best defence possible and both are a credit to the legal system and you should not hesitate to instruct either for your future clients.
  • Mr C West Yorkshire
    Excellent advice and support from Dan Weed. Professional throughout and an ambassador for your firm. Dan was an outstanding solicitor who gave me professional, measured and practical advice. He ensured we were prepared from every angle in terms of defence position, instructing a barrister and supporting me. He remained calm and considered at times I found testing and stressful – he’s an outstanding advocate.
  • Mr M Lancashire
    I can only thank everybody for being so helpful and kind during what was for me a very difficult process. Excellent firm and I will be recommending highly should I need to in the future. Thanks very much for all of your hard work in assisting and supporting me through the entire process....so I will be forever grateful.
  • Mr S Yorkshire
    I have had previous dealings with Dan Weed and had seen how robustly he defends. He was my "go to solicitor". The matter was ruled No Further Action on any matters it was still over a year before this happened. Dan kept in regular contact throughout the investigation and was well briefed for each meeting we had. He is the hardest working lawyer I have met and he cares about the people he represents. I would recommend him to any person or their families who require criminal advocacy.
  • Mr T Manchester
    Try and use Mr Weed as much as possible, very good solicitor.
  • Mr Z London
    So the case is finally over and we really want to thank the whole team for getting such a great result! Words can't express our gratitude and relief.
  • Mrs G London
    Thank you so so much for all your hard work and support!!!! You have an absolutely brilliant team, they did an amazing job and they did so so well in court! Through all our stress it was nice to have lawyers we could put our faith in. Thanks again, we truly appreciate it so much!!!
  • Mr S Lancashire
    Having completed a customer satisfaction survey, I feel I need to write a letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work carried out by Erin during the case. Her commitment and drive to put the case together was exemplary and over the two and a half years of constant reading, discussion and guiding me through the legal process, I could not give any negative comments towards her work ethics. To add to this my QC, Nick Clarke commenting upon receiving his case transcript from Erin, that it was the best he had ever received, which is testament to Erin’s work and dedication. Her communication skills and in fact, her personality, in my opinion, puts her ahead of all other solicitors I have met and is a credit to Burton Copeland. If I am ever asked to recommend a solicitor, I would have no hesitation in recommending Erin.
  • Counsel T London
    Thank you [Ken Berry] for your complete support from the earliest stages to the very last moment... Both you and Julia where the linchpins in a forceful and ultimately effective defence. Each of you in your own way have been able to carry me through the difficult times and there were many of these... I think that there are only a handful of cases in which one can legitimately claim credit by the result for all of the industry in preparing a defence. This was not a single battle it was a campaign... We together have managed to defeat a very well funded government department and if I may say so in some style... You are without doubt one of the most able, conscientious and hard-working people it has ever been my pleasure to work with.
  • Counsel H Manchester
    As counsel it is so important to have a good working relationship with the fee earner in the case you are conducting because it is their responsibility to assist with building rapport with the lay client, take instructions, review the evidence and discuss it with you, take witness statements, draft other documents, instruct experts and so on. Rachel [Murphy] carries out all of the above to the highest standard. I am proud of our working relationship. My admiration for her work is simply because she is amongst the very best fee earners I have worked with. I can say with confidence, having worked with her for over a decade, that she leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that justice is done and is very knowledgeable when it comes to criminal law. I would have no reservations in recommending Rachel. I believe her to be a diligent, wise and capable legal professional. In short, she is a pleasure to work with.
  • Mr A North West
    Having asked several members of the legal profession for a recommendation the name that came forward each time was that of Damian Wall. His preparation throughout was meticulous and he left no stone unturned and his tactical nous caught the prosecution off guard. Damian’s perseverance and his approach to the trial strategy along with that of my counsel Brendan Kelly QC was superb and at the verdict Damian’s reaction said it all, he cared. Outcome - not guilty.
  • Mrs Q Manchester
    Rob is an excellent solicitor. [My son] has special needs and he explains everything clearly.
  • Mr M Manchester
    I couldn't ask for a better service. I really can't think of anything to express the total respect I have for everyone that helped me. Thank you all so very much.
  • Mr C Manchester
    Your legal team are to the point, yet easy to speak to, they are reassuring and hardworking. If at any point your team does not know the answer to something they are quick to find out the answers. You have always gone the extra mile for me, therefore I am hard pressed to give any advise for improvement.
  • Mr M Cheshire
    Words can't describe how grateful I am to you [Louise] with all your help in this situation. I don't think it's sunk in yet given how long it has been hanging over us but there's just a massive sense of relief now. I could never have phrased that letter any better and I honestly appreciate everything you did and all the help you have given my mother and I. Thank you so so much for all of your help and how quickly you dealt with it all. Thanks again, will never forget it.
  • Mr S Hyde
    I would just like to thank you [Laura Ward Jones] for your hard work and effort on my behalf regards my trial this week at Manchester City Magistrates Court. From the day you took over my case everything became clearer and you were extremely professional and easy to deal with. I was really pleased with the outcome and I'm sure my lenient sentence was due to your efforts and once again I would like to thank you so much.
  • Mr M Bury
    I had to write because it is very rare in these times to be able to say thank you and mean it. Unfortunately my son found himself in trouble and...we instructed one of your solicitors to represent him. In the first instance, Laura Ward Jones attended court and I found her not only to be highly competent but very understanding of mine and my families distress and I thank her very much for her support. The case was then handed to Suzanne Dooley. I can't praise her enough! Her standard of professionalism, understanding and support were second to none. She made herself available to me day and night and kept me informed throughout the whole process. She worked tirelessly until the outcome we expected was achieved..... This has been a very trying time for me and when difficult times present themselves, to have the opportunity to be represented by people who treated the case as if it was one of there own family members was heart warming and gave me the strength to get through all of this. I thought in this horrible world we lives and the fact that I know you deal with difficult issues on a daily basis that it was appropriate to send this letter to you so that you could see that the work you and your colleagues do really does make a difference to people's lives. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • Mr S Manchester
    Bryan [McMahon] was very helpful and thorough [with] good communication skills.
  • Mr J Wigan
    Bryan [McMahon] was very good with me throughout my case. I found him easy to talk to and very helpful and [he] kept me up to date at all times. Thank you for all your help.
  • Mr C Manchester
    The service I received was exceptional. Mr Miles' performance was worthy of an Oscar.
  • Mr A Manchester
    Emma [Hassall] provided excellent and knowledgeable service
  • Mr F Manchester
    Laura [Ward-Jones] was absolutely fantastic, very professional, giving accurate and good advice
  • Mr S Manchester
    Rob Moussalli was "reliable, kept us well informed and up to date, acted very professional [sic]. Thank you"
  • Counsel N London
    Anthony Smith has a deserved first-class reputation in serious and organised Criminal defence work. His dedication and commitment to his clients is second to none and the service he provides them is absolutely faultless. From the barrister's perspective his case preparation is immaculate and he's not just an astute tactician but an absolute delight to work alongside.
  • Master H Manchester
    You [Rob Moussalli] are the best. I never use anyone else and never will.
  • Miss C Manchester
    Thanks so much for the work you have done Robert [Moussalli]– you have been brilliant again. I rely on you to keep my son out of jail. I tell all my friends to use you.
  • Master J Manchester
    You’re the best solicitor around Rob [Moussalli]. I tell all my mates to ask for “yous”.
  • Ms D Manchester
    Thank you [Rob Moussalli] for everything you have done for my sons over the last couple of years. I don’t know what we would do without you. I recommend you to all my friends.
  • Mrs M Manchester
    Just to say thanks for all your help Robert [Moussalli] – you’re a diamond.
  • Miss S Glasgow
    Thank you so much for everything you [Kim Holden] did on behalf of my brother. He spoke very highly of you and I really do appreciate everything you did.
  • Miss K Cumbria
    Thank you for all your hard work and help with my mum. You [Erin Cowley] were brilliant!
  • Mr H Manchester
    Thanks to you [Erin Cowley], for you time support and patience
  • Mr E London
    I would like to thank you [Erin Cowley] for all your help in my case. Your genuine interest in securing an acquittal in my case was of immense comfort to me. I will be forever grateful for the support you showed me.
  • Counsel D Manchester & London
    Just before we embark on this case and regardless of the eventual outcome I just wanted to put on record my appreciation for the phenomenal work (both quantity and quality) undertaken by Kim [Holden] on this case. It has been some of the best I have come across in 19 years of practice.
  • Mr K Yorkshire
    Mr K said about Kim Holden, "[She] has very good positive energy which instilled a lot of confidence in me and [she] seemed very intelligent which made me feel very comfortable about my situation. [She] is a credit to Burton Copeland."
  • Mr A Wakefield
    I just wanted to place on record my gratitude for [Kim Holden's] hard work and commitment over the last (almost) three years. I went into the proceedings completely at ease and content and this was due to the extensive preparation and attention to detail.