12th May 2021

Legal eyesight standards for driving. Understanding section 96 of the Road Traffic Act 1988

Good vision is essential if you want to be a competent driver. Poor vision accounted for 196 accidents in 2018. Many of these collisions would have led to prosecutions, fines, and in some cases, complete bans from driving.   Burton Copeland and Driving Offence lawyer, Gwyn Lewis has recently written an article explaining the laws around vision and driving over on the Driving Offence blog. You can find a summary of the article here.

27th April 2021

Assault on Emergency Workers: An Explanation

There have been many reports in the media in recent years in relation to changes in the law and people appearing in court for offences of assaulting emergency workers. In this article solicitor Sam Corcoran explains the law in relation to this offence, what is an ‘Emergency Worker’ and what penalties can be imposed.

22nd February 2021

Can I Transfer Solicitors if I Have Legal Aid?

We are often contacted by clients who have lost faith with their current representation or want a second opionion. He we explain in the legal aid transfer application process and in what circumstances can Legal Aid be changed to allow you to be represented by a new solicitor.

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