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Conspiring to commit a crime is a serious offence. If you have been accused or are facing charges of conspiracy it is vital that you get an experienced lawyer to fight your corner early. Whether it’s conspiracy to supply drugs, conspiracy to murder, or  conspiracy to commit fraud if found guilty you could be imprisoned for a considerable length of time.  

If you’re accused of conspiring to commit a crime it must be taken seriously. All conspiracy cases go straight to the Crown Court who are able to pass down tougher sentences and longer jail terms than Magistrates courts.  

Your solicitor must be proactive in dealing with the police and, where appropriate, suggest new lines of enquiry which might assist your defence. It is crucial that your lawyer obtains regular updates on the investigation and keeps you informed. 

Finding yourself involved in a conspiracy to commit crime investigation can be distressing and upsetting. It will impact your work, personal and family life and can leave defendants feeling anxious and rattled by the whole experience. While under-investigation it’s important that you feel at ease, know your rights and have a full understanding of what’s ahead of you. 

Our team of conspiracy to commit crime solicitors are here to assist you with any conspiracy charges brought against you including: conspiracy to supply drugs, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to launder money. We provide services and expertise to help you build a strong case. 

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What is a Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is an agreement or plan between two or more persons to commit a criminal offence, even if the offence doesn’t take place. For example, three people are planning to rob a bank using a stolen car. The person involved in stealing the car might be prosecuted for conspiracy to rob the bank even though they were not intending to take part in the robbery. In this example, the prosecution would need to establish that the person knew what the car was going to be used for.

Can I be Prosecuted for a Conspiracy?

In general terms, you can be prosecuted for a conspiracy offence if the police or another law enforcement agency has evidence to show that you were involved in the planning of an activity which resulted or could have resulted in a criminal offence taking place. 

The evidence in conspiracy offences is usually very complex and can involve automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) evidence, fingerprint and DNA forensic evidence, cell site data, mobile phone contact and communication data. 

It is important that your solicitor has the expertise and experience of dealing with such complicated evidence to ensure that what the prosecution are suggesting is actually correct.

Our areas of expertise

The team at Burton Copeland has extensive knowledge in a number of conspiracy law areas, including:

What is the penalty for conspiracy

The maximum sentence for a conspiracy offence is based on the maximum penalty for the substantive offence. For example a conspiracy to steal would carry a maximum sentence of seven years, the same as that for theft. The sentence for a conspiracy to murder carries the same as that for murder, namely life imprisonment. The difference with conspiracy is that an individual can receive those sentences even if nothing is stolen or nobody is killed.

Other factors for a judge to consider when deciding a sentence are:

  • If you plead guilty and if so at what stage of the case. A discount of up to one third in sentence is applied for guilty pleas. The earlier that plea is indicated the higher the discount.
  • The scale of the offence – i.e. the value of the property stolen, or drugs supplied.
  • The length of the conspiracy – multiple importations of controlled drugs over a long period of time is clearly more serious than a single shipment.
  • Your role in the conspiracy – for example a person who has a leading role will receive a higher sentence than somebody with a lesser role or if they are engaged by pressure or coercion.

We are able to provide advice and guidance throughout each stage of the criminal proceedings. Our service is tailor-made so you have the support you need, when you need it.

Why choose Burton Copeland?

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