funding your case

Whatever your needs Burton Copeland will provide you with the highest quality of advice both in relation to your case and also methods of funding. We understand that affordability will be a concern for most when it comes to requiring the service of a lawyer. We will ensure that all funding options are explored and you receive the best and most cost effective solution dependant upon your needs.

What types of funding are available?

There are several funding options and will usually depend on the type of case and in some circumstances your financial circumstances. For example, legal aid is available in respect of all criminal offences, but may be the subject of a contribution in the Crown Court and will be means tested in the magistrates court, meaning that if your disposable income is above a certain figure you will not be eligible. Legal aid will not be available for regulatory or disciplinary matters, but you may be covered by by a legal indemnity on your insurance policy.

Full and detailed information on all of the funding option available are below: