congratulations as damian and anthony qualify as duty solicitors

Damian Wall & Anthony Smith have successfully completed the arduous process of their Duty Solicitor Accreditation and will appear on the Duty Solicitors Rotas from April 2017.


The process ensures that Solicitors are able to demonstrate a particular level of competence set by the Law Society. To demonstrate this competence they must pass a number of assessments which includes:

25 case portfolio dealing with a variety of cases and different types of hearings

An advocacy examination in London and assessment by a Magistrates Court Scenario before a District Judge

The process is tough and extremely time consuming. "The portfolio had to cover a diverse spectrum of cases that we had been involved in. It took some writing and once complete amounted to over 20,000 words, that's double the size of the dissertation I wrote for my degree" said Anthony.

It means that they will appear on the next Duty Solicitors Rota for Greater Manchester which is published in April but also means that they are now allowed to train and supervise junior solicitors and non accredited members of staff who are training towards achieving accreditation in advising the suspect at the police station.

Anthony has already took the lead in this process by undertaking the supervision of Callum McNulty who has now commenced his training and is hoping to become an accredited police station adviser in the spring.