Mark Zuckerberg caught out in linkedin security breach

Two weeks ago we reported on the update to the security breach of 2012 and warned that it appeared to be far more widespread than originally anticipated with 117 million Linkedin users being affected as opposed to the 6.5 million originally thought.

We advised that you change your password to avoid falling foul of this breach. However, it now clear that if you share passwords along other platforms including social media then these accounts are at risk too and it transpires that you are just as much at risk even if you're a multi-billionaire, social media site creating entrepreneur.

This was proved by the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, who you'd think might be quite password savvy, had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked.

A Saudi based group known as 'OurMine' has apparently claimed responsibility for the hack and posted a message from Zuckerberg's Twitter account. They claim to have located his password "Dadada" in leaked LinkedIn password files.

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