Our Anthony Smith and receives a glowing testimonial

As criminal defence solicitors we often deal with clients facing unimaginable consequences it is always extremely rewarding not only to achieve the result on a case which we considered to be deserved, but to then receive such a glowing testimonial makes us appreciate and value the work that we do. The following written to the partners at Burton Copeland is such a glowing and well written tribute to our Anthony Smith we thought it worthy of our news section.


Anthony said, "In what appeared to be a mountain to climb at the outset after our client was facing a drugs conspiracy charge, after careful consideration of the material we managed to negotiate an excellent deal with the Crown which resulted in a suspended sentence. Both the client and his family were relieved that he had avoided immediate imprisonment and were delighted with the outcome. Not only is it rewarding to conclude the case with a positive result, it is gratifying to receive such feedback. Choice of counsel is always important in these cases, and special mention must go to Rick Holland from Lincoln House Chambers."