world blood donor day 2016

Today is world blood donor day.

Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments. Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood.

Our Kim Holden regularly gives blood and she says:

"I have memories of the blood donor centre in Lancaster when I was a little girl when I would go along with my mum who would give blood as often as she could. But I never actually became a donor myself until my 20's. There was always an excuse not to, whether it was that I was too busy, there were no appointments that worked around my work schedule etc etc. But now I'm in the habit of donating it really couldn't be simpler. I have the blood donor app on my phone and book all my appointments from there. I always manage to reserve a time convenient to me on my way home from work. Even though I have donating many times I still feel really nervous but the great feeling afterwards outweighs it every time and i book my next session there and then."

Find time to give blood and start a lifelong habit.