police station advice

Doctor, dentist, parent, housewife, teacher, company director, nurse; once arrested all are just ‘suspects’ subject to the same process as the regular visitor to the police cells. The whole system of criminal investigation is dependent to a large degree on evidence of confession and admission whilst at the police station. Many people feel that they do not need representation at a police station, here you can see why clients often wrongly choose not to have representation when being spoken to by police or for further information about whether you are being spoken to by police formally, or whether it is what is often described as a "friendly chat" or "assisting with enquiries" please see here.

The assistance of an accredited solicitor or other qualified representative during a police interview is available free of charge. We undertake on average 3,000 police station attendances for clients every year and we are available to do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0161 832 7834.