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Historic allegations of sexual assault in wake of jimmy saville

R v T

Following on revelations concerning Jimmy Savile complaints about the activities of a number of celebrities from the 60’s and 70’s came under close scrutiny. One such individual was Mr T, a trainee DJ under Savile.

Mr T was arrested following a number of complaints made by females under the age of 16, at the relevant time. They had attended discos run by Mr T and had been persuaded to return to his home address where the alleged offences of rape and indecent assault were said to have taken place.

After a lengthy investigation lasting over 12 months Mr T was charged and ultimately faced an indictment containing 37 counts of which he was acquitted of 20.

The case comprised of several thousand pages of evidence and many hours of DVD evidence. Unused material was voluminous in the extreme and required the deployment of a dedicated team under Miss Straw’s supervision.

As with all historic offences attempting to piece together events from over forty years ago, when buildings have gone and witnesses have died, brought its own challenges to the case. We were also faced with the difficulties of dealing with the popular press and the publication of sensational novels which resulted in ex-parte hearings to prevent publication.

Mr T was represented by Louise Straw, Senior Partner.

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