3 Reasons You Should Never Represent Yourself In Court

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3 Reasons You Should Never Represent Yourself In Court

Representing yourself in court can seem like an effective way to save money on legal costs, and if you’re innocent of the crime you’ve been accused of, you may not see the need for legal representation.

However, although you may believe your story is strong, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be believed. Without quality legal support, there’s a strong chance your fight will be unsuccessful. Here are 3 reasons you should never represent yourself in court:

You’ll automatically be at a disadvantage

The opposing party will almost certainly be led by a lawyer or legal team with extensive experience and legal knowledge. They’ll know far more about the law than you do and will be equipped with everything they need to put forward a strong case against you. By not having legal support of your own, you’ll automatically be at a disadvantage.

A lawyer will have the practical experience necessary to manage a courtroom effectively

If you get a lawyer, they’ll have many years of experience dealing with other lawyers, police officers, prosecutors, judges and juries. They’ll know exactly what makes these people tick and they’ll have plenty of strategies up their sleeve to ensure you get the best possible defence.

You’ll be too emotionally invested in your case

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you need someone at your side who will keep calm and stay level headed when faced with accusations that you might find offensive or upsetting. When representing yourself in court, there’s a risk that you may become defensive, angry and upset when the charges or evidence are presented to the court. Your every word, action and expression will be scrutinised in the courtroom and your response could influence the judge or jury’s decision in a negative way.

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