Bogus solicitor receives suspended prison sentence

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Bogus solicitor receives suspended prison sentence

Peter Campbell aged 40 of London pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court on the 4th May 2016 to 10 offences of providing unregulated immigration advice and services between 2012 and 2016. His case was committed to the Crown Court for sentence and on 1st June 2016 he was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years by presiding judge Mr Recorder Wales QC at Southwark Crown Court whom it is reported said:

“This is not a technical or victimless crime, you were advising vulnerable people who could not handle their immigration cases on their own… they trusted you and you betrayed that trust”.

Mr Campbell was not a qualified solicitor and not regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. He established a business in Newham, London but used the name of a legitimate form of solicitors based in another borough to provide immigration advice to a large number of clients.

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