Judicial appointment and motoring offences

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Judicial appointment and motoring offences

Nick Terry, drivingoffence.com comments upon the recent decision in relation to Solicitor Graham Jones’ application for a full time judicial appointment.


Would public confidence in the standards of the judiciary be reduced by appointing judges with more than 6 penalty points? The JAC’s stance is routed in the belief that “Criminal convictions (including motoring) are regarded as inherently serious matters” If however, the issue is one of public confidence, should further account be taken of the types of convictions and prevailing public perceptions.

It could be argued that commission or minor motoring offences is indicative of merely being human, fallible and consequently in touch with society. A Defendant has the right to be judged by his peers, this may include an imperfect driver, not judging from a pedestal of perfection. It is often observed that the public view driving convictions as wholly different to any other conviction, should this therefore not be equally reflected in Judicial appointments?

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