Monkey Dust: The Walking Dead – Halloween Related or Something More Sinister?

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Monkey Dust: The Walking Dead – Halloween Related or Something More Sinister?

Over the last few years there has been lots it the news of the drugs such as spice inducing zombie like states.Our Trainee Solicitor Hannah Costley provides a full report on the newest drug on the scene in the North West, what it is and what the effects and consequences of taking it are. The results are more frightening than a horror movie.

“The emergency services have found themselves faced with a new drug that is a worthy competitor to 2017’s ‘drug of the year’, Spice. Monkey dust, also known as Zombie dust and Cannibal dust, is a synthetic drug that is extremely unpredictable and has risen in popularity in the north of the UK almost over night.

What is Monkey Dust?

Also known as MDPV, Monkey dust is an off-white powder that can be swallowed, injected or snorted that falls under the umbrella of drugs known as cathinones. Cathinones are now classified as Class B drugs in an effort to crack down on ‘legal highs’. The chemical structure of cathinones is similar to amphetamines and the structure of synthetic MDPV is altered causing the drug to be very volatile. MDPV has already gained popularity with drugs users in the US where it is known as “bath salts”.

What Effect does Monkey Dust Have?

Monkey dust is Spice’s scary big brother. A powerful hallucinogenic that causes users to think they have ‘Hulk-like’ strength and fearlessness; it has led to numerous incidents of people scaling buildings and violent altercations with the police. Users become severely paranoid and their perception of pain is inhibited.

What happens if I’m found with Monkey Dust?

Offences in relation to this drug are against the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and consequences can be severe.

Possession: Maximum five years imprisonment

Supplying, production or importation: Maximum fourteen years imprisonment

For years a zombie apocalypse has been a popular premise of TV shows and movies; but it seems fiction is becoming reality”.

If you have any concerns or need advice regarding people using this drug, you can contact Frank here. If you have been accused of a drugs offence please contact us for advice from one of our expert lawyers.

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