Nhs midwife exonerated by nmc after long interim suspension

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Nhs midwife exonerated by nmc after long interim suspension

An experienced and well regarded NHS midwife who was transferred to clerical duties and suspended for 3 years following a complaint that she had performed an episiotomy without consent has been cleared of all charges by a Tribunal at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The Tribunal determined that the midwife had no case to answer and dismissed 8 charges brought against her by her regulator.

It had also been alleged that during the second stage of labour the midwife in question had not obtained her client’s consent to carry out vaginal examinations, had used defective equipment and had not kept adequate records.

After she was removed from midwifery duties and given administrative jobs at Doncaster Hospital, she resigned from the NHS.

The midwife in question was represented by Charlotte Ellis of Burton Copeland and by Mr Peter Atherton of Deans Court Chambers. Ms Ellis said “we are delighted that we have been able to achieve this result for this midwife. She has been a lovely client who was treated badly. At a time when the NHS desperately needs experienced midwives it is very regrettable that they should have lost her services. The Tribunal gave very careful and fair consideration to her case.”

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