PCT consultation removes client choice of solicitor

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PCT consultation removes client choice of solicitor

The Government wants to remove client choice of solicitor as it’s causing some solicitors to deliver client service better than the government would like.

In its Consultation Impact Analysis it observes

“Client choice may in certain circumstances (where quality is easy to measure and clients have good information about the relative effectiveness of different providers) give an incentive to provide a legal aid service of a level of quality above the acceptable level specified by the LAA, as firms effectively compete on quality rather than price. The removal of choice may reduce the extent to which firms offer services above acceptable levels. We will ensure that quality does not fall below acceptable levels by carefully monitoring quality and instituting robust quality assurance processes to ensure it does not fall to an unacceptable level. We will also work with regulators to ensure they are aware of such a risk and through the enforcement of the relevant Codes of Conduct, identify and address any shortfall in standards”

Of course we don’t expect the same “dumb it down boys” message goes out to CPS – but then, they work for the government. That’s how an adversarial system works.

Mr Mike Mackey, Burton Copeland Solicitors

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