St Patrick’s Day

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St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day fast approaches and it is expected that the patron saint of the Emerald Isle will be toasted with the usual reverence.

It is one of those times of year, whether Irish or not, people become swept up in the community spirit and enjoy the food, drink and live music available at many of the Irish bars in Manchester. Bars such as; O’Shea’s, Mulligans and O’Driscolls, are pulling out all the stops to make this a weekend to remember. The Hard Rock Café is even giving away free Guinness burgers to all revellers who are named Patrick.

As with many great things in life, that which begins as a special day will invariably extend into a weekend. This is never truer, than when the Six Nations Rugby can also be enjoyed on Saturday, with England and Ireland going head to head.

It would seem impossible not to take part in the frivolity with a couple of pints of Guinness followed by your choice of fine Irish whiskey or gin.

Whilst it is not our wish to curtail anybody’s enjoyment, we would be remised to not mention the risks of drink driving at this time. It is not suggested that people, in the main, will go out and enjoy St Patrick’s Day intending to drive home, but few give sufficient thought to their state of intoxication the following morning.

The only thing that removes alcohol from the body is time and so, we ask that people consider arranging alternative forms of transport in advance as a heavy night drinking, leading in to the early hours of the morning, will often leave a person over the limit even after they have caught up on some sleep and had a hearty breakfast the following morning.

So, if you would prefer to enjoy St Patrick’s weekend with your friends, family and loved ones rather than a police station, don’t take the risk. Most importantly, be sure to enjoy yourselves.

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