Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving What You Can and Cannot Do

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Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving What You Can and Cannot Do

As solicitors with a dedicated road traffic department, here at Burton Copeland Solicitors in Manchester, we’re often asked many questions about driving laws and hear many myths such as “painting your number plate with clear varnish means a speed camera cannot capture the reg” or “it is illegal to drink alcohol in a car”

Lately we have heard increasing numbers of myths about the use of mobile phones whilst driving and what people think that they can and cannot do, things like;

  • You can use a mobile phone at traffic lights.
  • You can use your phone as long as you have headphones.
  • You can look at texts when driving but not send them.

Is Using Apple Pay at a Drive Through Illegal?

As experts most of the answers to us are simple, but some questions we are asked are less obvious;

  • I used Apple Pay at a drive through restaurant, have I committed an offence?
  • I am a taxi driver and received my jobs through an app on my phone, am I committing an offence?
  • Am I allowed to dictate notes into my phone whilst driving to the office?
  • Is playing a podcast on a phone illegal?
  • Has the law recently changed on mobile phones?
  • I use the speaker phone facility on the phone, but don’t the police need to prove that I pressed the buttons while I was driving?
  • I use my smart phone as a sat nav device, am I doing anything wrong?

We decided to have a little fun and test the knowledge of the nation by taking to social media and asking those very questions to see how savvy the general public are when it comes to mobile phone and driving laws.

We’ll be using twitter polls and tweeting the questions for the next week and will publish the results below once they are in. We’ll also provide the answers so check back here next week to see the results and the answers, or enter your email address in the box below and we’ll email you with the answers and results.

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