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When you’re accused of a sexual offence, it can have a devastating impact on your personal life, destroying your reputation and branding you as a sexual deviant. Most people facing accusations will have never been involved in criminal proceedings and not know where to turn to for legal advice and guidance.

The experienced and knowledgeable sexual offence solicitors at Burton Copeland understand that this can be a distressing time for you and can provide assistance throughout proceedings, including:

  • The initial arrest
  • The investigation
  • Any court proceedings

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What is a sexual offence?

When allegations of a sexual crime are made, it must be proven that consent was given for the action not to be seen as an offence, unless the complainant is under the age of 13. It is incredibly difficult to prove whether consent was given or not because, in most cases, it is one person’s word against another’s. This is where speaking to a solicitor with experience in sexual offence cases is vital, as they will be able to build a strong case for defence.

The team at Burton Copeland has dealt with a number of cases where people have been accused of sexual offence, including:

The law also considers anyone who is in a position of trust, such as a teacher, care worker, foster parent or step relative, and engages in sexual activity with a child as committing a sexual offence. This issue places a great deal of strain on those involved so it’s advisable to seek representation from a legal expert to help with proceedings.

Comprehensive advice from burton copeland

Those accused of a sexual offence have usually not been convicted of a crime before and are often tainted by allegations because of the nature of the offence and do not know who they can turn to. Our criminal defence team handles all cases robustly and sensitively to create a defence that takes into account all types of evidence, including witness statements, medical reports and forensic examinations.

We can provide assistance at any point during your case, whether you:

  • Have been arrested
  • Are facing an investigation
  • Have been released on bail
  • Have been charged

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