1st June 2015

Getting back on the road after a driving ban

If you’ve picked up a driving ban, you may think that the cost of your future motoring will be expensive forever. As convicted driver insurance specialists we’ve pulled together our top tips on the best ways to get you back on the road for less.

30th April 2015

What is the Disclosure and Barring Service?

The DBS can affect all of us working within the law as we all work with clients who are employers, those who are employed and working with “vulnerable groups” such as the elderly or children or clients who belong to a “vulnerable group”.

14th April 2015

Mandatory Court Costs

Any person charged with an offence (committed on or after 13th April 2015) and brought before the Courts will face the prospect of having mandatory court costs imposed against them if convicted.

9th February 2015

NMC Revised Code

On 31 January 2015 the NMC published its revised Code of Conduct (“the Code”) for nurses and midwives.

3rd December 2014

Drug driving regulations

For many years it has been illegal to drive whilst unfit through drink or drugs. However, unlike the well established offence of driving over the prescribed alcohol limit, there was no set benchmark confirming a requisite quantity of a particular drug that must be present within the bloodstream. That is of course until now.

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