Police figures recently released have revealed that drug driving arrests have massively increased in the past 12 months.

In the year March 2015 to March 2016 almost 8,000 people were stopped and arrested for the offence. The figures have clearly risen since new law was implemented in March 2015 allowing police to carry out roadside screening tests to tests for certain drugs. Under old laws the prosecution were required to prove your driving had been impaired through drugs, but that was often difficult.


The police have to prove that you are driving under the influence of drugs by using the screening device or impairment tests. In order to convict a court must be satisfied of:

  • Evidence that the accused was unfit to drive due to drugs
  • Details of their performance during the impairment tests
  • Blood test results showing active drugs in the accused’s body

It does not only apply to illegal drugs, you could also face prosecution and a mandatory disqualification from driving by getting behind the wheel after taking prescription pain killers or sleeping tablets.

For a full list of the drugs and legals drive limits and for further information, visit our drug driving solicitors page to learn for about the laws and defences involved