Thousands Of Criminal Cases In Question Following Alleged Errors Randox In Forensics Lab

Thousands of criminal cases may have been affected by alleged manipulation at a forensics lab that analyses evidence of drug driving, violent crime, sexual offences and unexplained deaths.

Around 50 cases that were due to go to trial have already been dropped following reports that Randox Testing Services laboratory in Manchester has been incorrectly analysing evidence.

Concerns have been raised that up to 10,000 cases across 42 police forces in England and Wales could have been affected by alleged data manipulation dating back to 2013.


How could these allegations affect criminal cases?

The allegations could cause court hearings to be adjourned or thrown out due to the need for retesting.

Individuals convicted for everything from drug driving offences to violent crimes may be able to appeal against their convictions if there’s a possibility their test results may have been skewed.

Speaking on the need for retesting, Gwyn Lewis, Senior Partner at Burton Copeland said: “It is entirely possible that the results in certain cases will remain the same but equally there will be cases where the sample retested would provide different and lower results, potentially to such an extent that a conviction would not have been possible.

“It is also foreseeable that a number of the samples retained may now be unable to be further tested according to either the size or degrading of the sample.”

How we’re helping to reduce sentences, overturn convictions, and get justice for our clients

Burton Copeland is already working on a number of cases where samples may have been incorrectly analysed, potentially having lead to wrongful convictions or unfair sentences.

There have also been successful appeals where sentences have been reduced or convictions have been overturned.

Gwyn Lewis added: “ We have been actively involved in reviewing cases that we have dealt with in order to identify whether Randox testing was involved, but given the information published today, we will be widening that review back to 2013 when it’s believed that the alleged data manipulation began.

“We will be contacting former clients who we believe have been affected by Randox Testing.”

What should you do if you think your case was affected by alleged Randox Testing manipulation?

If you were represented by a different law firm, whether it’s currently still in business or not, please get in touch with the team at Burton Copeland if you believe your case may have been affected by Randox Testing.

We’d also like to speak to those who didn’t seek legal assistance at the time of their conviction or pleaded guilty based on evidence that was presented to them.

Following these accusations of manipulated test results, we’re determined to get justice for anyone who may have been affected. Please contact our office on 0161 638 7065 and ask for a member of our Randox team.

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