• 31 Jul 2018

    Length of GMC investigations: are things about to change?

    On 25 May 2018 the High Court handed down its judgment in relation to the appeal of the decision of the Medical practitioners Tribunal Service in relation Dr Ruth Hill.
  • 30 Jul 2018

    GPhC Pre-Registration Assessment

    As any aspiring student pharmacist will know, pre-registration trainees are required to sit the GPhC’s Pre-Registration Assessment before they are able to become a fully qualified pharmacist. The assessment has two papers and a pre-registration pharmacist is able to sit this assessment three times. If they have not passed the assessment by the third attempt, their careers in pharmacy are effectively over as the GPhC will not allow them to progress without passing the assessment.
  • 17 May 2018

    Released Under Investigation – What Does Is Mean?

    Since the 3rd April 2017 when the Policing & Crime Act 2017 came into force, most people arrested by the police and interviewed as a suspect under caution are then ‘Released Under Investigation’ (RUI).
  • 04 May 2018

    burton copeland make history

    Burton Copeland have recently announced the appointment of Jonathan Wall as the first non qualified partner in their 30 year history.
  • 02 May 2018

    Burton Copeland Welcomes A New Face To The Team

    In the latest development in a long period of growth, we’re proud to welcome a new solicitor to the Burton Copeland team.
  • 27 Apr 2018

    When Can An Apology Assist In Criminal Law?

    If you have been wrongly accused of a crime then you would inevitably want a solicitor who would fight tooth and nail in order to win the case. But what about when you find yourself in trouble with the courts as you have made a mistake? Often, a simple ‘sorry’ can go a long way in assisting you.
  • 27 Apr 2018

    Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

    Mental illness and mental health issues play a prominent role within the Criminal Justice System, not least because a significant proportion of defendants suffer with mental health issues.
  • 26 Apr 2018

    New Licence Conditions Result In Fall In Prison Population

    On 13th November 2017, new changes were made to the release licence regime. Many people predicted that the changes would result in an increase in the number of offenders breaching their licence conditions and having to return to prison. However, new figures show that the changes have had little effect and the prison population has even dropped slightly since their implementation.
  • 25 Apr 2018

    What Is A Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA)?

    A DPA is an agreement between a prosecutor and an organisation (under the supervision of a judge) to allow the prosecution to be suspended for a defined period provided the organisation meets certain specified conditions. These can be used certain offences such as fraud, bribery and other economic crime. They apply to organisations only and not individuals.
  • 20 Apr 2018

    Five Things To Look For In A Criminal Lawyer

    It is essential that a criminal lawyer is available at all times. Make sure you get your lawyer’s mobile number so that you can contact them at any time.