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Daniel Weed

Compliance Partner & Supervising Solicitor

Daniel qualified as a Solicitor in 2000, becoming a Salaried Partner in 2006, 3 years after joining Burton Copeland. In 2009 Daniel became an Equity Partner.

His current roles include Compliance Officer for Legal Practice, General Crime Supervising Solicitor and Head of Regulatory and Police Discipline.

Daniel has a full case load but also is involved in the management of the team at Burtons with particular focus on risk and compliance in his nominated role as COLP.

Daniel is also involved in the Marketing Team and is a keen advocate of Business Development.

Daniel receives regular instruction from a number of Regional Police Federations including West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Humberside, West Midlands and North Wales. He is also sole Insurance Panel Provide for criminal law advice to members of National Crime Officers Association NCOA.

Through building up the teams profile with Legal Insurance Management, he receives regular instruction from them which has led to the team at Burton Copeland being the sole provider for criminal law advice to members of the National Foster Association and the NCOA.

Daniel often receives referrals from member of the Bar and has provided advice and presented professional sports people, and professionals in the medical and legal sector.

Noteable Cases

Professional Discipline

  • Represented a police officer for use of force and honesty and integrity matters relating to an incident attracting national press interest. Matter captured on  video. Case not proven at Misconduct hearing. Matter investigated by IOPC.
  • Represented a Police Officer regarding matter of Honesty and Integrity. Successfully argued exceptional circumstances such that dismissal without notice was avoided and he was able to retain his position with a Final Written Warning. We were able to advance the argument with the benefit of medical and character evidence. This allowed the Panel to take the unusual and rare stance of allowing the Officer to remain in post.
  • Represented a Police Officer for Gross Incompetence, proceeded to a full hearing and no findings found against the Officer.
  • Represented a Police Officer for Gross Misconduct in relation to the issue of honesty and integrity. Client was investigated by the IOPC for  Perverting the Course of Justice but no charges were brought. The matter was also not proven at a Gross Misconduct Hearing.
  • Represented 3 Police officers jointly accused of Gross Misconduct. Matters not proceeded with by the Gross Misconduct Panel due to issues relating to disclosure.
  • Represented a Police officer where Gross Misconduct was found but received a Final Written Warning. A successful appeal to the Police Appeals Tribunal followed.

Daniel receives instructions from a number of Federations to advise their members during Gross Misconduct investigations brought by the IOPC or Professional Standards. Many have resulted in no misconduct being brought or a re assessment of the severity resulting in the matter either being dealt with under the Reflective Practice Process or as Misconduct Only thus avoiding the potential sanction of dismissal that may follow after a finding of Gross Misconduct.


  • Represented a Police Officer charged with a number of sexual offences. After the matter being subject to a re trial on two occasions, the Prosecution offered no evidence.
  • Secured an acquittal on a charge of Perverting the Course of Justice relating to not saving relevant case evidence by a Police Officer. IOPC prosecution.
  • Successful legal arguments in a Dangerous Dogs case relating to strict liability and relevant case law. Client acquitted and no orders made against dog.
  • Represented a Doctor in relation to sexual offences and avoided criminal charges being brought.
  • Represented a Doctor in relation to offences of violence. No further action brought against the client.
  • Represented a Foster Carer charged with a number of sexual offences. Following consideration of unused material, representations made as the reliability of evidence to obtain a safe conviction. CPS offered no evidence before the matter came to trial.
  • Represented a Foster Carer charged with assault of someone in his care. Acquitted.
  • Represented a Police Officer charged with Conspiracy to Defraud. Matter went to trial, acquitted. Co defendant pleaded guilty.
  • Represented a Prison Officer charged with a Joint Enterprise Assault on a Prisoner. Acquitted after trial.

 A significant amount of the cases Daniel deals with result in no further action and thus avoiding Court proceedings. These have included but a re not limited to a youth arrested for murder, a solicitor investigated for criminal damage, a barrister investigated for Possession of drugs, and various of police officers investigated by Professional Standards which include offences of rape and Misconduct in Public Office.

Personal Interests & Appointments

  • Daniel is an active member of Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Union Club, being the Manager of u14 Junior Boys squad, occasionally still playing at social/vets level of rugby.
  • Daniel is a Trustee of Partners in Education in Swaziland (PIES) Charity that assist with education for children from infant to senior age in Eswatini.
  • Daniel is a member of the Lancashire Rugby Union Discipline Panel and adjudicates on Discipline hearing relating to misconduct.
  • In his spare time, he enjoys general exercise, including slow runs on his own and long walks with his two boys and wife.

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