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Daniel Weed

Director, Compliance Partner & Supervising Solicitor

Daniel qualified as a solicitor in 2000 becoming a Salaried Partner in 2006 and holds Rights of Audience in Higher Courts. He has taken the roles of a Police Station Accreditation Supervisor and General Crime Supervisor and after becoming Equity Partner in 2009, became the Firm’s nominated Compliance Officer for Legal Practice. Daniel deals with all aspects of data protection, risk and compliance within the Firm as well as having a role in the management and development of the firm generally and having a full-time case load.

Daniel has gained experienced in many disciplines over the years including Magistrates and Crown Court Advocacy, Prison law, preparing Crown Court, Professional Discipline and Coronial Court cases.

Most of his defence work now centres around criminal and Misconduct matters after being instructed by Police Federation on a national level to advise their members, and has developed a relationship with LIM Insurance, along with other members of the Firm, which has allowed several streams of regulatory type work being introduced to the Firm. He regularly advises members of the National Crime Officers Association and members of the National Foster Association when accused of criminal offences.

Daniel has provided advice and represented professionals including members of the legal and medical profession, journalists, and police officers.

Professional Discipline:

  • Advised a police officer being disciplined for Gross Misconduct following conviction for harassment on ex-wife. Matter proceeded to a Special Case Hearing. Officer received a final written warning albeit having a criminal conviction.
  • Represented an officer for Gross Negligence Manslaughter in relation to the restraint of an arrested male who subsequently dies. Instructed in terms of IOPC investigation, this led to no further action following CPS advice but proceeded to a Gross Misconduct hearing, no findings were made against the officers. Currently representing the officer as an Interested Party in Inquest.
  • Represented a Custody Sgt that was subject to gross misconduct investigation regarding a death in custody. Matter reduced to misconduct only and officer received lower-level sanction. The officer was initially made an IP in Inquest relating to it but was subsequently withdrawn. Male in question took overdose of paracetamol days prior to being arrested and issue as to causation/contribution to death in terms of police inactivity regarding health care whilst in custody.
  • Represented two Police Officers jointly accused of various breaches of their standards of professional behaviour. The case involved legal arguments regarding admissibility of evidence, the incident was captured on CCTV and although the disciplinary panel found the case proven in part for one of the clients, but not proven in relation to the other. Both individuals remain in post.
  • Represented three Police Officers jointly accused of Gross Misconduct. Matters was not proceeded with by the Misconduct Panel due to issue relating to disclosure.
  • Successful in representing a Police Officer within Misconduct Proceedings with regards to issues of honesty and integrity. We were able to advance exceptional circumstances on the client’s behalf with the assistance of medical evidence and character evidence which allowed the disciplinary panel to take the unusual and rare stance of allowing the client to remain in position and impose only a Final Written Warning.
  • Represented a Police Officer charged with Gross Misconduct in relation to breaches of her professional standards in terms of data protection. Gross Misconduct not found against the client and client sanctioned for misconduct only causing no dismissal.
  • Represented a Police Officer for Gross Incompetence, matter proceeded to full hearing and no findings found against individual.
  • Represented a Police Officer for Gross Misconduct in relation to the issue of honesty and integrity, initially considered Perverting the Course of Justice in relation to making of a statement. No charges brought for Perverting the Course of Justice and case not proven at Misconduct Hearing.
  • Represented a Police Officer where Gross Misconduct was found but received a Final Written Warning. A successful appeal at the Police Appeals Tribunal followed Daniel has regular success in preventing matters often getting to the doors of the Court or Misconduct Hearings.

Notable Cases

  • R v M: Represented a Police Officer for Misconduct in Public Office relating to non-disclosure of relevant evidence. Client found not guilty. Currently subject to Gross Misconduct Hearing.

  • R v JM: Represented a Police Officer for historic marital rape and harassment. The latter charged was dismissed on half time submission and the rape allegations were subject to the CPS offering no evidence following several re trials.

  • R v S: Successfully defended a Police Officer charged with assault. A conviction would have inevitably caused the client to lose his profession. A number of witnesses, some of whom worked with the client gave evidence for the prosecution. There was CCTV evidence regarding the case and disclosure issues which led to disclosure application under Section 8 of Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act. The matter was heard over two days before a District Judge.

  • R v B: Represented a client linked to gang land murder, charged with possession of a firearm. As solicitor advocate he successfully argued exceptional circumstances not to receive the minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment. The client received a suspended sentence.

  • R v N: Represented a youth charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs. Argued that it was not a grave crime and matter remained in the Youth Court. Client acquitted after trial.

  • R v D: Represented a youth charged with murder of his brother-in-law. Acquitted of murder after trial.

  • R v P: Represented a youth without convictions charged with night-time robbery where positive ID was made. Successfully discredited ID evidence. Client acquitted after trial.

  • R v A: Client without convictions charged with possession of indecent images. Not guilty verdicts recorded.

  • R v J: Represented a professional sportsman remanded into custody due to serious offences committed whilst on bail for similar offences. Successfully argued for bail.

  • R v K: Represented a client charged with multi handed Conspiracy to people traffic linked to ‘sham marriages.’ CPS offered no evidence.

  • R v W: Represented a Police Officer charged with Conspiracy to Defraud. Proceeded to trial. Co defendant pleaded guilty. Client acquitted after trial

  • R v R: Represented a Police Officer charged with Common Assault (stranger attack on female). Client acquitted after trial.

  • R v RC: Represented a Police Officer with Perverting the Course of Justice. Successful in an application to Dismiss the charges. Thereafter successful in defending a Judicial Review brought against the individual by the complainant’s in the case.

  • R v M: Represented a Police Officer for Assault, matter was on CCTV. Convicted but successful on Appeal.

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