Burton Copeland Welcomes A New Face To The Team

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Burton Copeland Welcomes A New Face To The Team

In the latest development in a long period of growth, we’re proud to welcome a new solicitor to the Burton Copeland team.

Karl Benson has joined us with experience he’s gained having worked as a solicitor in the Magistrates’ Court and a number of police stations.

Karl has a fierce passion for criminal defence work and is dedicated to progressing through the field.

Already equipped with his Higher Rights of Audience in criminal proceedings, we’re looking forward to seeing what Karl brings to the table.

Karl has a very technical approach to life and the law. He’s extremely interested in computers, making him an ideal solicitor for cases involving the dark web, computer misuse, and hacking cases.

Former clients have sung Karl’s praises, particularly when it comes to breaking down complex legal issues so that they’re easier to understand.

Karl said: “Representing some of the most vulnerable persons in society through publicly funded legal aid is challenging at times, but extremely rewarding work. I am delighted to have arrived at Burton Copeland and looking forward to being able to deal with the high profile, serious, private and legal aid cases at such a prestigious firm.”

Not only is Karl a talented solicitor, he’s a man of many talents having built up a wealth of advertising and marketing experience thanks to his responsibilities in previous firms.

We’re confident that this will complement the existing strategies at Burton Copeland and we’re excited to work closely with Karl going forward.

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