A Curious Tale of Two Police Stations

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A Curious Tale of Two Police Stations

After getting off the tram stop at the Central Park stop , one can’t help but be impressed by the modernist curved copper canopy roof, lens-shaped section of glazing and high tension cables.

For those in the car, or walking up The Gateway in Newton Heath in Manchester, they are then confronted by the curious tale of two different police stations situated at either side of The Gateway.

Given the current state of austerity it may surprise people that two purpose built police stations were built either side of the road.

Why the need for two stations?

The police station below is the Greater Manchester Police force main headquarters and includes the Counter Terrorism Unit.

This one below is the North Manchester Division Headquarters.

For those going to the police station to report incidents, this is the police station for most members of general public. This is also the police station for those attending the police station as a suspect (to either be arrested or for a volunteer interview under caution). Built within this modern police station building is a separate secure custody suite where arrestees are taken to be placed in police cells before being interviewed. This modern custody block unusually provides daylight at the custody desk through a massive skylight.

Additional enquiries can be made such as those wishing to drop off clothing/property for defendants in the custody block. The Police station front desk opening times are constantly changing and if it is closed enquiries may need to be made via the yellow phone outside the front doors or via 101.

For those who are suspected of committing a criminal offence and headed to the police station for an interview, you will also noted the sign directing right to Madison Place, one minutes walk away where Burton Copeland LLP are based. (Directions: from coming up The Gateway, right at the roundabout, then first left at the next roundabout. At Madison Place, Burtons Copeland are situated at Unit A (See below).

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