GDC Requirements For CPD: Are You At Risk?

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GDC Requirements For CPD: Are You At Risk?

The GDC states that on 31 July 2018 over 36,000 Dental Care professionals reached the end of their five year CPD cycle and therefore had to have completed the requisite amount of CPD as set out by the GDC, the requisite amount varying depending on job role.Of those Dental Care Professionals whose 5 year cycle did come to an end on 31 July 2018, there is a ‘grace period’ given by the GDC to enable those who have not fulfilled the requirements to do so.

However, those Dental Care Professionals who have not completed their required CPD by 28 August 2018, may face serious consequences.

As at 27 July 2018, the GDC stated that over 8,500 registrants had not made their submissions in relation to their CPD log and warned that these registrants were putting their registration with the GDC at risk and therefore their ability to practise in their chosen area of dentistry.

If you are a Dental Care Professional who has not completed your CPD or who cannot submit your CPD log to the GDC by 28 August 2018, the GDC can remove your name from the register. There may be a number of reasons as to why you have been unable to fulfil the requirement of the GDC but this is serious as it means that you will no longer be able to work. It is potentially career-ending.

Of course, any Dental Care Professional in this situation can apply to re-register if this happens and the specialist team at Burton Copeland can assist you with compiling the evidence you will need to ensure your re-registration is accepted should this happen to you.

There is also an appeals process which the Dental Care Professional can go through if he/she feels that the decision to remove his/her name from the register due to a lack of verifiable CPD was wrong. Again, we can provide you with advice and assistance in relation to this should you find yourself in this situation.

But what about those Dental Care Professionals with a previous GDC fitness to practise history? It is possible that those whose names are removed from the register for a lack of verifiable CPD but who have a previous fitness to practise history with the GDC may find it more difficult to re-register with the GDC once they have completed their verifiable CPD hours or have been able to compile evidence of it. The GDC may take the view that this is an opportunity not to re-register the individual who has already had problems and re-registration can be refused.

If this happens, there is an appeal process and the specialist team at Burton Copeland can assist you.

If you are a dentist or a Dental Care Professional struggling to meet the requirements of the GDC in relation to verifiable CPD hours, with the deadline of 28 August 2018 fast approaching, we can assist offering practical advice as to how to obtain your requisite CPD but also providing advice and representation in relation to GDC procedures and appeals.

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