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Gwyn Lewis

Gwyn Lewis

Director, Senior Partner & Supervising Solicitor

Gwyn, the lead principal, has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise over 30 years, since qualifying as a solicitor in 1986.

Gaining his higher rights of audience at the Crown Court in 2000 he has gone on to conduct numerous trials in Magistrates and Crown Courts around the country up to and including successful appearances in the Court of Appeal. He has dealt with a full range of serious criminal cases including gangland murders and multi million pound drug importations together with carrying out successful Court’s Martial appearances on behalf of service personnel throughout Europe.

In the past 20 years he has concentrated on his passion for defending motorists and has come to lead a specialist Road Traffic Unit, He has developed a track record of unrivaled success, ranging from minor speeding, traffic light and mobile phone infringements to the most serious cases of drink driving and death by dangerous driving and careless driving.

Countless motorists have benefited from what Chambers and Partners guide to the legal profession describe as his “resolute and resourceful” approach.

Gwyn’s expertise had led to him being instructed by a number of professional footballers and celebrities and resulted in vast press coverage and in him being dubbed “Merlin the Magician” for his apparent ability to make a number of cases disappear. Gwyn also regularly acts for clients in exceptional hardship application and keeping people on the road having only lost twice in the last 30 years he has a success rate of over 99%.

Details of some of the cases and press reports are below:

Notable Cases

  • The case of a sleepwalking drink driver who successfully argued that special reasons existed in order to prevent the normal disqualification as he was asleep at the time. Press report here

  • Representing an individual who had over 30 points on his licence and saving him from being disqualified under “totting up provisions”, this being the second time within 3 years that he had gained more than 12 points.

  • Successfully defended a number of voluntary ambulance drivers prosecuted for using blue lights when responding to local emergencies.

  • Representing a policeman charged with excess alcohol, three and a half times the legal limit following errors in obtaining blood samples at hospital. Found not guilty on the submission of no case to answer.

  • Representing a student involved in a head on collision whilst over the legal limit and who was acquitted on the basis of a procedural error by the Prosecution.

  • Representing a former RAF Pilot accused of excess alcohol who was acquitted when the blood sample was not properly dealt with.

  • Not guilty verdict for a motorcyclist alleged to have been speeding at 63mph in a 30mph area as a result of inadequate signage being present at the scene.

  • Avoided a custodial sentence for a client charged with dangerous driving in what the Judge described as an “appalling” piece of driving which was captured on a dashcam. press report here.

  • Successful appearance before the Court of Appeal reducing the sentence of a driver found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving, to 18 months from three years.

  • Successful defence of a charge of causing death by driving without due care and attention by turning right across traffic as a result of the speed of the other driver involved.

  • Successfully argued that a defendant should not receive a custodial sentence for dangerous driving despite crashing his BMW M4 having been involved in a high speed pursuit by police and suspected of being drunk having failed to provide a specimen. Press report here

  • Not guilty verdict for a police officer who was on duty, found to be over the legal limit but acquitted due to procedural errors.

  • Not guilty results for many drivers where notices of intended prosecution under S172 of Road Traffic Act 1988 have not properly been served.

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