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Identity theft occurs when personal information or documents are stolen online and used without the person’s knowledge. Once enough information about an individual is obtained those details can be used to commit identity fraud.

Identity theft and fraud prosecutions are complex, lead to Restraint Orders meaning that your assets can be frozen and if convicted it is likely that confiscation proceedings will be instigated under Proceeds of Crime Act. It's advised that you get legal advice from an expert lawyer immediately. We will provide you with the assistance and support that you will need every step of the way.

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what is identity theft?

In simple terms, it is the stealing or creating of an identity for personal gain through online hacking. Identity theft occurs when enough information about someone’s identity (such as their name, date of birth, current or prior addresses) is accessed in order to commit identity fraud. Identity theft can take place whether the subject alive or deceased.There are many ways that identity theft can be committed including:

  • Creating an account using another person’s details to obtain products and services, such as utility bills, phone contracts and credit cards
  • Using a business’s name to obtain credit, products or services. This type of crime is usually committed by an insider

As more legislation on internet crime comes into place, there has been an increase in allegations of identity theft and authorities are coming down harshly on perpetrators. That’s why it’s imperative you find the best legal advice possible if you’ve been accused of this crime.

what is identity fraud?

Identity fraud is where the stolen identity is used to fraudulently take over the subjects existing accounts, or to obtain goods or services such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards, loans and state benefits
  • Other documents such as passports or driving licences
  • Mobile phone contracts and other finance agreements
  • Cash

burton copeland: experts in defence

Our lawyers are well practised in the many different types of identity theft and fraud. Investigations and prosecutions can have catastrophic consequences for those accused. With our involvement many clients cases have been stopped in their tracks or been resolved at an early stage without the need for court proceedings. Whatever stage the matter is, you can be assured that we will work with you and for you protect your liberty, assets and livelihood where necessary instructing forensic IT or accounting experts to support your case or damage and undermine the prosecution case.

We have handled many cases of identity theft, helping those involved throughout the investigation process, from initial arrest right through to representation in court. Our solicitors will work to build a case for defence against the charges you are facing, taking in all the evidence, your requirements and consulting with experts in computer forensics.

We will be there for you whenever you need legal advice, as our team works around the clock to ensure everyone has the support they require. We can also let you know if your circumstances allow for legal aid.

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