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If you are found driving without insurance, you can face a fine of up to £5000, six to eight penalty points or a discretionary disqualification.

More about no insurance offences

By law, every driver must be insured – the minimum you require is third party cover. However, many drivers facing a no insurance driving offence genuinely do not realise that they are not covered or that the policy in in some way defective. In such circumstances, advice may be needed to establish whether the insurance should be considered ‘void’ or ‘voidable’. Burton Copeland have successfully argued such cases, resulting in acquittal for our clients.

Increasingly, car-owners are being prosecuted for allowing uninsured people to drive their car. The penalties that go along with this conviction carry the same weight as a motorist driving without insurance. Be cautious when allowing another person to drive a vehicle for which you are responsible.

Is your insurance a business or social matter?

Your insurance should specify whether it can be used for social and domestic or business reasons. For example, if you’re discovered using a business car for personal reasons, it could be argued that you’re driving without insured. You may then receive similar punishments to someone driving without any insurance policy at all. Burton Copeland regularly advise in such cases as often the prosecution can be required to prove the respective ‘use’ at a given time and failure to do so, can result in acquittal.

Employee defence concerning no driving insurance for work

Many jobs require employees to drive company cars. The responsibility of insuring this vehicle often lies with your employer and so provided you were unaware of the lack of insurance, you have available a specific defence known as ‘the reps clause’. Our specialist motoring solicitors have successfully argued this novel defence on many occasions.

Were you misled into believing you were insured?

You may well have been told that you were insured to drive a vehicle, to later find this was not the case. In such circumstances, we can assist in presenting a ‘special reasons’ argument to prevent the endorsement of points on your driving licence. We are ready to help you through this difficult time and have the expertise to achieve the best possible result.

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