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Driving without due care and attention – otherwise known as ‘careless driving’ – is largely open to interpretation. Owing to this, actions that may be considered ‘careless’ can be wide ranging. Many of our clients believe themselves powerless against the accusations but that is rarely the case, when a defence can be properly presented.

At Burton Copeland, our driving offence team prides itself on providing a service tailored to your needs, that protects your interests. Our solicitors will investigate the prosecution’s evidence, gather our own evidence and instruct collision investigation experts if necessary.

If you are minded towards accepting the allegation, Burton Copeland can assist in either trying to negotiate a lesser charge of ‘inconsiderate driving’ or providing strong mitigation to minimise any penalty.

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About careless driving offences

A charge for driving without due care and attention relies on the prosecution proving that you were driving below the standards of a careful and competent driver. With no exhaustive list of what it means to be a competent driver, you can be accused of driving carelessly for a variety of actions.

Previous convictions have stemmed from:

What are the penalties?

A guilty verdict for careless driving can bring numerous penalties, including a discretionary disqualification, a fine of up to £5,000 and between three and nine points on your licence. New drivers may have to be particularly careful as their licence could be revoked, meaning driving tests will have to be retaken.

How can I avoid punishment?

Careless driving is a strict liability offence, which means it doesn’t need to be proven that you intended to commit the offence in order to be prosecuted. This makes these type of cases incredibly complex, assistance from a specialist solicitor is strongly advised..

In some cases, a driver improvement scheme may be attended as an alternative disposal to Court. This is a discretionary offer made by the police however, we assist in arguing that such a course should be made available to you if you would like to take this option.

Death by careless driving

If you are responsible for the death of a person while driving carelessly, the end result is often out of the driver’s control. There is a large difference in terms of sentencing in cases that have resulted in a fatality, and the maximum sentence is set at five years. However, if you’re responsible for killing someone while driving carelessly and under the influence of drugs or alcohol, imprisonment can increase to 14 years.

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At Burton Copeland, we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of service to all of our clients by providing comprehensive advice and guidance that enables you to understand what’s going on with your case, what your options are and what the future holds for you.

Our main focus is keeping your interests protected and we will do this by ensuring no avenue is unexplored when it comes to building your case strategy. The team led by Gwyn Lewis, has years of experience in defending drivers and helping them to stay on the road.

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