Offences by New Drivers

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The consequences

Six penalty points will be applied when the offence occurs within the first two years of driving, irrespective of the conviction date. Revocation of driving licence back to provisional and theory and practical re-test, plus potential employment issues are also repercussions of being charged as a new driver.

New driver rules

New drivers have to be particularly careful within their first two years behind the wheel. If you are accused of a motor offence, you must approach the allegation cautiously, as it’s very easy to lose your licence, just when you were beginning to enjoy it!

If you get six points on your licence during your probationary period, you will have your driving rights revoked by the DVLA. It’s an automatic process and there’s nothing the magistrates can do about it. That means you’re back to square one and you’ll have to retake your test before you can start driving again. The court doesn’t take away your licence, the DVLA does.

You have the right to appeal the conviction that caused your penalty points and you may have your licence temporarily restored until your final sentence, depending on the situation. You can’t appeal the DVLA’s decision to revoke your licence as they have no appeal process.

What to do next

Contact our new driver solicitors, as it all rests on effectively refuting the allegations. With representation from experienced driving offence lawyers, penalty points may be removed or a shorter ban achieved. This will mean you won’t be able to drive for a period of time but you won’t have to take your test again.

Be aware that your insurance may become invalid, if your licence is revoked.

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