Claire Campling

Accredited Police Station Representative

Claire joined Burton Copeland in 2011 and has over 10 years experience in Criminal Law. She has been an Accredited Police Station Representative since 2005 and regularly attends the police station to represent suspects arrested for a wide range of offences.

Notable cases:

R V A – represented a retired doctor interviewed regarding assisting suicide and possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply after a friend was found deceased with medication and a note thanking the doctor for the medication. No further action was taken after the case was considered by the CPS.

R v P & G – represented a suspect allegedly involved in blackmail and handling stolen goods in relation to the theft of a celebrity couple's camera.

R v B – represented a suspect arrested for murder after an elderly gentleman was allegedly pushed into a canal in Manchester City Centre. This client was acquitted of murder.

R v C – represented a suspect arrested for importation of 1 kilogram of cocaine which was brought into the country in an industrial pizza dough machine.

R v F - represented a business director accused of conspiracy to murder at the initial interviews. Claire gave evidence as to her advice at the trial and the Defendant was acquitted.